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An effective brand evolution for Thailand’s leading social review platform.


Established in 2011, Wongnai had grown steadily to become Thailand’s leading review site for food lovers, gathering more than 200,000 restaurants and over 500,000 user-generated reviews. Growing from Bangkok to almost every major city in the country, Wongnai is a high-visibility brand with touch points in most bars, cafés and restaurants. In 2015, CEO Yod Chinsupakul decided to further expand the business into other categories such as beauty, with food reviews remaining at the centre. At this point Wongnai approached Mandala Studio to work on possibilities for an evolution of their identity.


Wongnai required an identity refresh that would move the brand forward whilst not breaking visual continuity and ultimately confusing users. It was important to remember that the old logo, although a little dated in style, was highly visible and recognised across the country. “As a brand we wanted a new identity that continued to represent user reviews, which is the core of Wongnai. However, we also needed the logo to represent lifestyle and not simply just food” (Yod Chinsupakul—Wongnai CEO). The original Wongnai logo used a fork and spoon to represent their food review base and so the challenge was to replace this, modernise, and maintain a connection with loyal users.


Our brand strategy built on Wongnai’s existing recognition and the continuity of brand elements, to redefine Wongnai using community, locations and reviews whilst shifting away from a specific theme. “Mandala Studio proposed the design approach they would take. They broke the requirements down so it was easy to understand and decide for us. We appreciated that.” (Yod Chinsupakul). A simple audit of the old logo revealed that users recognised Wongnai for it’s vibrant colours, so it was important to keep them.


Simplicity was key. The final identity does away with the cutlery and boldly uses the speech bubble to symbolise the power of reviews. The 'nai' part of the name lives inside the circle to play on the concept of the Wongnai name ("in the know" in Thai). The typography is custom-made and retains the curves and playfulness of its predecessor. The colours are a much more vibrant orange and a deeper blue. "The design is more modern and more flexible. We immediately deployed it to our website and app. So far it's been great." (Yod Chinsupakul). The new Wongnai identity is much more relevant to the expanding business needs. Shortly after our brand refresh Wongnai went on to secure Series B funding from InVent.

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